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Steampunk Engine

Steam engines can be made in a number of different ways. The piston steam engine, which was used primarily in locomotives, can be made with…

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100 Gadgets

Any modern item can be turned into a steampunk gadget. This can range from cars to cameras to sunglasses – well anything that you fancy really! The most ‘steampunked’ items are lamps, phones, guns and jewellery…

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Steampunk Ray Gun

Hand rays or guns are unique complex creations that utilise miniature furnaces which supply the steam to the weapon (possibly) ! Weapons can be small pistols of larger rifles. Each having a unique purpose.

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Steampunk Wings

Steampunk wings can be mechanical, cloth, leather or wood. As long as they look like they could make you fly, they can be a great addition to your steampunk outfit. Mechanical wings can have brass gears at the joints. Cloth wings…

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Steampunk Goggles

Goggles have become an icon which symbolises steampunk and are almost obligatory to complete the steam look. Why do steampunks wear goggles? Primarily for practical reasons. They keep your eyes protected in all sorts…

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What is Steam Punk?

Steampunk is hard to define as nobody can agree what it is exactly, but I read a lovely explanation on the web that said you could say it is what the past would look like…

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